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We are Concerned Citizens of Reno, Sparks and Washoe County

We are citizens concerned about putting a high school on our beloved Wildcreek Golf Course. We are citizens concerned about  maintaining and improving the quality of life for ourselves and future generations. Regardless of where you reside in our community, Wildcreek Golf Course is a public treasure that adds to the quality of life of all our citizens. 

Get involved and support us.

It took decades, millions of man hours  and tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and support Wildcreek.  If we stand by and let uncaring public officials destroy this beloved treasure, it can never be replaced.

'No citizen is an island'

No citizen is an island entirely of itself: every citizen is a piece of our community, a part of the whole. If one citizen of our community be diminished by disinterested unthinking public officials, every citizen of Reno, Sparks and Washoe County is the lesse, as well as if our whole community were, as well as if our current and future family, friends, employees were. Any citizen's loss diminishes me and you, because we live here and pay taxes here.

And therefore, don't ask who the losers of this poorly thought out plan is: it is all of us.

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Our Concerns

                                                                          SAVE WILDCREEK

Concerned members of our community have formed a group called “SAVE WILDCREEK’ to save our beautiful Wildcreek Golf Course and encourage the Washoe County School District to build a proposed high school in a safer and better suited area where the community is experiencing increased growth.

Wildcreek Golf Course  provides not only affordable public golf in a central location, but also provides a beautiful, calming, scenic open space for our whole community who visit it or drive by it as they travel  between Sparks and Reno.    

The Washoe County School District plans to build its first new high school, a “mega” high school of 2500 students on approximately 60 acres of Wildcreek Golf Course.  All students from Hug High School will be transferred here along with approximately 1000 students from Sun Valley, Spanish Springs and Sparks High School.  This will be a commuter school in a place where traffic is already horrendous.

  The Washoe County School District has stated that they have not considered any other location for this high school even though this is not where the population growth is occurring.

It has been stated at presentation meetings that students at Hug High School have been “left behind” and deserve to move from the current location to this more desirable Wildcreek area.  

Hug is to be repurposed into a technical high school at a cost of $20,000,000 to 25,000,000. This cost along with the new a “mega” school at Wildcreek is not what most of us envisioned that WC-1 was for.   

Is this a wise use of our WC-1 tax dollars?

All Washoe County students deserve excellence in education which includes technical education, but this plan fails to take into consideration at the minimum following very troubling issues:

1. Traffic:    Horrendous traffic on McCarran near Wildcreek all day and especially early morning and after 3:00 p.m.  2500 students plus faculty in and out every day and at many other events proposed by the school district at Wildcreek is dangerous and problematic for the traveling community.

2. Flooding:   There have been at least 3 major floods in the last several decades that have severely impacted Wildcreek Golf Course and the nearby community which is the reason the City of Sparks wanted a Golf Course at Wildcreek many years ago to mitigate flood damage to the community south/southeast of this area.  Re-engineering this area by the school district will be necessary and very expensive.  Is this a wise use of our WC-1 tax dollars?

3. The Flight Path:  Wildcreek has been designated as an area for the Reno Airport’s flight path which mitigates several issues like noise and safety.  Where will the airport move this area? Is this a safe area for 2500 student plus faculty and staff

4. Habitat:  Wildcreek is an open space with extensive wildlife.  Many species of birds reside there... Hawks nest there.  Several deer resided there last summer.  Toads, marmots, rabbits, squirrels, fish and many other animals call it their home.

5. Costs:  Costs for buying and building at Wildcreek will be much more expensive than on virgin land or vacant city property.  This land is very valuable and the following will need to be done:  extensive excavation of the golf course with buildings; replacing soils that are documented not conducive to construction; re-engineering for major flood control that the course is already designed to handle; special stadium lighting for the flight path; triple paned windows and extreme soundproofing of school buildings. The Washoe County School District has a fiduciary duty to use our money wisely and not waste it.

Please join us in writing, calling or emailing our school board and other government official that will need to approve the proposed Wildcreek Plans.  We are providing some important contact information in this pamphlet. You can read more at our website:  Savewildcreek.com.  We would love to have you join us in our efforts to SAVE WILDCREEK for our community and future generations along with giving our students a safer and more desirably located high school.  Thank you.

From "Drop Us A Line"

8/5/2017 -  My daughter and myself started golfing on the Wildcreek golf course in 1978. My daughter was going to Reed High School at the time went on to achieve her letter in Golf at Reed High Shool. That was a big thank you to the staff at Wildcreek golf course, for taking time for teaching us how to golf and enjoy the sport. I want to express that support never went away. The staff through all these years always were very supportive. Not only for that reason have I returned to the Best And friendliest course in Reno they have always kept the prices affordable for everyone. Let's all fight together to keep our Wildcreek Golf Course OPEN. - Bert Lawton

8/3/2017 -  I am against the Golf Course being converted to a High School. There have got to be better locations for this. As others have said this is the only Public Golf Course in Sparks and provides an attractive green space. The traffic a High School would add to this location would be terrible to an already congested situation.  -  Marcus Platt

8/1/2017 -  Willing to help anyway I can. Thanks Steve M Reno NV - Stephen t Mountford

7/29/2017 -  The old K-Mart distribution center on Greg and McCarran just went up for rent. How about we propose that space to WCSD? Collliers International has the lease agreement. It would be perfect!! Thanks for your support and work to save this great space for how it was intended. - The Wesley Family

7/27/2017 -  If Wildcreek closes, that's 99 holes of golf that will have gone away since Brookside closed in 2006 :( Enough is enough.  - Mike Mazzaferri  (Sierra Sage Golf Pro)

7/25/2017 -  As nearby residents, we strongly oppose the destruction of Wild Creek Golf Course to make way for a high school. Why this location? This is a very bad idea. Placing a mega high school where access is only from No. McCarran Blvd, an already stressed roadway, will cause huge traffic issues. Additionally, an eco system is destroyed. Are there not other locations that would do as well? Why destroy years of cultivation? A green area that has been enjoyed by residents for decades falls waste to concrete? Our government officials fail their voting residents if they allow this destruction to happen. -  Ralph & Corie Turner

7/24/2017 -  I am a Sacramento resident however I spend vacations in Reno and over the last 6years I have enjoyed playing golf at Wildcreek. I am all for education however destroying Wildcreek and the surrounding animal habitat would be a complete shame in my opinion. Please consider other alternative sites and leave Wildcreek alone. - Mike Nelum

7/23/2017 -  My friend Tom and myself played today (7/24/17) it was great day for golf. Being a senior citizen in Reno the options for golf has dwindled to a trickle. You are telling me that all the land in the Washoe basin and this is the land you need to take to build another school? On the monument there at the golf course it states that this land was given to build a golf course, not to build a school. It is pretty simple. - Craig Pointes

7/22/2017 - It bothers me to hear/read/see news reports that attest that there are many agencies "on board' or "already giving their consent" to go ahead with the destruction of Wildcreek. The truth is that the letter of intent allows them to further explore whether the site is appropriate. The media is twisting things around to make the citizens believe that it has already been looked into and all appropriate impact studies have been done. That is not the case and we need to continue to fight this and the other back handed methods they are using against this golf course. It is a PUBLIC treasure and it should be left up to the PUBLIC to choose whether it should be demolished for ANY purpose. This beautiful land is YOUR land people! Wake up and don't allow a group or an individual with their own greedy agenda to steal it away from you. Someone or some group of persons is looking to make a bundle off of this deal. Is it the water rights that are attached to the property perhaps? It is all being negotiated behind closed doors and it all smells fishy. The Washoe County School Board can find another place for the high school. We will never be able to replace the golf course once they begin to tear it down. - Kathlene

7/22/2017 - Hello! "Save Wildcreek" sounds like a marvelous idea to me! We have so much Wildlife that is at constant threat due to new construction. Wildcreek, to me, is the perfect combination of humans and animals coexisting within the same land. If we add a school to this equation the end result will no longer be coexistence. We are Nevadans, and as Nevadans we need to respect the outstanding variety of Wildlife that we are privileged to have so close to us. - Nataly

7/21/2017 - I have always thought this is a bad idea Not safe for for students Ps. I even work for school district but live nearby and I am concerned for lots of reasons. - Bobbie

7/21/2017 - I have always thought this is a bad idea Not safe for for students Ps. I even work for school district but live nearby and I am concerned for lots of reasons. -

7/21/2017 - I think this is just absurd that this was even a consideration let alone gone this far. Why would anyone in their right minds want to take one of our few little beautiful oasis away. I don't golf, but I enjoy Wildcreek and all the little creatures you see in passing. Not to mention this time of year when everything is brown dry and ugly Wildcreek is a refreshing sight to see and puts a smile on my face daily in passing. I am a Sun Valley resident and I am also very concerned with the added traffic problems this is going to create. I understand that the county has land issues but I really believe there must be another option. - Toni & Monte Benjamin

7/21/2017 - If there is a petition for Save Wildcreek Golf Course, please add my name to it. As a resident of Washoe County and have seen the absolute mess that the Washoe County School District has made of things, why in the world would they need to build a new school. They can't even take care of the schools they have now nor do they have enough funds to hire the staff for them, let alone build a new school? The whole Washoe County school board is dysfuntional. And how is it that the FAA approved the school to be built in the flight path of a high school and football field lights? My boyfriend and I love to play golf at Wildcreek. Hope this school doesn't get built here. - Debbie Moore

7/21/2017 - Golfer or not, all residents in Spanish Springs should be concerned. As they continue to build more housing tracks and industrial complexes along the Pyramid corridor, there remains only three major routes to 80/395/Reno, all of which are already congested during commute hours. Just imagine what a impact a school zone on McCarran will have let alone a huge increase in bus and vehicle traffic related to the school. Seems to me for a lot of reasons, a better location would be somewhere near TMCC/Parr Blvd. That would allow easy access to 395 and mitigate the increased traffic issue. This is just one reason that comes to mind. - John Reasoner

7i/21/2017 - Hello! I am a resident of Wildcreek Villas and sadden of the proposed high school. I support education and believe a new high school needs to be built but not on the golf course. I plan on attending Tuesday's meeting. Thank you. Juana

7/20/2017 - Their really no need for a high school at Wild Creek. Sparks High is 1-Mile away. Reed High is 1.8 Miles away. and Hug High is 1.5 Miles away Another High School is ''NOT'' needed in this area' - Don 


7/20/2017 - Why not put the new HS down on the empty properties on Oddie Blvd. That would be a definite improvement in that neighborhood. There is much better access and infrastructure such as 'fast food', etc. - Jim Shepard

07/10/2017 - I love Wildcreek and don't want to lose my recreation area. Please Save Wildcreek

07/06/2017 - We need to save this course it's a beautiful sight and we need to save our public courses. - Dennis Hough

07/06/2007 - How in the world can the city of Reno build a school right in the flight line of incoming and outgoing airplanes from Reno Tahoe airport. I guess they don't care if they loose a few hundred school kids. If you think I'm kidding go check it out, you will probably see in excess of 50+ planes a day. It will happen, its a matter of time. - Dennis


This was sent to Commissioner Hartung and Councilwoman Bybee:

Although I support the construction and reconstruction of necessary school district facilities, I cannot recall, in my over 45 years of residence in Sparks, a more bone-headed decision than the one being considered to close all or a portion of Wildcreek Golf course to accommodate a new school district campus on that location.   

Not only is the location a horrible one for the reasons you cite, and many more, it once again deprives the golfing members of this community, as well as those out-of-state visitors who come here to golf,  still another golf course. 

In recent history, we have lost Brookside, Rosewood, Northgate, D'Andrea, and now, apparently, Wildcreek.  Of those five golf courses, four were public venues, now, or about to be, gone. 

I need to understand why our elected officials dislike golf courses so much. 

Someone has to explain to me why this makes sense.

   And yes, I've heard all the arguments, "They only serve Golfers", and, "They don't make Money".  Those arguments are absurd.  Pools only benefit swimmers, Parks only benefit those that go to them, Bike Paths only serve those who use them, Libraries only serve those who use them, but all of these facilities, golf courses included, benefit the community, its residents and its visitors.  

As for losing money, I will submit to you that Golf Courses make more money that do Pools, Parks, Bike Paths or Libraries.  If economics are indeed the metric, then I would hope to see Pools, Parks, Bike Paths and Libraries closed along with our golf courses.   

Given the proximity of this golf course to the City of Sparks and its residents, I would hope that you would oppose this ill-conceived plan with vocal enthusiastic disapproval. - Bob Moore

07/01/2017 -  It is getting ridiculous about golf courses in Reno. The new connector road is wiping out half of Rosewood Lakes Golf course even though RTC paid the City of Reno 3 million dollars to replace the 9 holes taken by the road. D'Andrea is being reopened as a 9 hole course if the proposal goes through. Now the idiotic Washoe County School district who claim they are short on schools, wants to shut down Hug High School. Then take most of the Wildcreek Golf course to put in a new high school. What a waste of the taxpayers money. Making Hug a vocational school is asinine. The cost of bussing kid to Hug from all over the district will out weigh making it a vocational school. Wildcreek Golf course offers a unique playing opportunity for the golfers of Washoe County. It offers a full size course for golfers who want that. It off a par three course for those who just want to spend a couple of hours playing or working on their short game  - Bruce

06/20/2017 -  Thanks for the invite to the meeting yesterday evening to discuss the Save Wildcreek program.  I enjoyed meeting the participants and hearing of your plans. ...

Your efforts are gathering momentum – I know this because I belong to the Northern Nevada Senior Golf Club and they plan on having a petition at our next tournament on June 29th.  -  Tom Stames

06/19/2017 -  Oh, wow.  Any other day/night but June 20th.  It's our anniversary, we already have plans for dinner and entertainment.  Sorry, we'll have to miss this meeting, but please e-mail to tell us what gets discussed, what actions are proposed to forward the cause, and what information you might have from the city that pertains to Wildcreek's fate. - Joe & Trish Sutton

06/19/2017 -  Yes. Thanks. We have been members at W/C since we moved here and this proposal is upsetting.  - Steve Sheeley

06/10/2017 -  I love wild creek and am very upset that they have chosen a wonderful place to build a school and affect the traffic on McCarren and the wild life. There are many other avenues for a school and not a wonderful golf course that provides and green area in our beautiful neighborhood. - Cindy Gruber

06/09/2017 -  What you have done is awesome! I don't know how to help, but i would like to see Wildcreek remain as is. I am a neighbor on Lepori way. There is a Nextdoor sight that many of your neighbors are on if you're reaching out and not a memeber, it may be an idea. Is there a petition or protest ? This is my first visit. I want a bumper sticker!!  - Debbie Quilici

06/06/2017 -  We would sure like to help my dad is affiliated with the union and knows lots of people in town  -  Payne Avera

06/06/2017 - Let me know what I can do to help I have lots of free time during the week.  Jolene Avera

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